Subitem totaling for dashboard graphs

I am trying to create a graph based on the total values of the subitems. I have 5 different subitems and when i try to make a graph, the 5 subitems dont total together, they are all their own x value. Any ideas on how to add up subitem values that are similar?

Hi @erekson33 - it should work. What is the subitem column type you are trying to group?

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hey mark! thanks for the response

for example:
i have 4 different items, our company offers many different services. item 1 only wants 1 service (lets say window washing) and item 2 wants 3 services we offer (window washing, concrete wash, new paint). etc… Is there a way to total item 1 subitem of window washing with subitem 2 window washing, not the other 2 services. Each service is their own subitem

Then create a graph based on each subitem total?

Does that make sense?

Hey @erekson33 - this should be possible. I mocked up something quick and used a Status column to identify the service on the subitem:

From there its just setting up your settings properly on the graph:


And the final graph will group by subitem count:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for helping me out mark!!

That is almost how it is set up. New paint should be moved to number 1, and then add a cost column. I’m wanting to add up the cost column but it is just totaling how many of window washings i am doing.

Hi @erekson33 - you can just change the Y Axis to the cost column:


Then change the X Axis the Name rather than a Status column:

Thank you so much!!!

hey @mark.anley i have another question – is it possible to change the color of the bar graphs?

Hi @erekson33 - if you change the graph type to a Stacked Bar graph and choose to stack it by the same “cost” column it will change the colors for you. You cannot manually choose the colors, however.


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I am trying to create charts based on the status of subitems but it just doesnt work for me. I even tried copying the example given above however when I try change the x-axis to status of the subitems I get no results



Any idea what I am doing wrong here? Trying to plot charts based on sub-items and I just can’t get it working correctly