Subitems on ticket are gone after archive

Hi Guys,


When i have a ticket with some subitems and going to archive it. It’s gone forever :frowning:

Case: Going to search in archive for a ticket, only the ticket is left, subitems are gone :frowning:

Anyone? this sucks superbad.

Hey @ROAX,

I have just tested this on my end and been able to restore both the item and subitem from the archives… can you please send over a screenshot of what appears in your archive so I can investigate? :pr

This one i’m archiving (with 3 subitems)

When i’m searching in my archive, this is what i found:

This is the item when i click on it (no subitems attached).

Thank you for sharing these screenshots! I want to check that you’re referring to your dedicated archive section via your profile?

I have tested this on my end and when restoring the item from the archives, the subitems are successfully restored:

Is this the same process you’re following?