Sum up numbers into a formula column, if the name column is exactly the same text

Building out a YouTube metrics board and, as you can imagine, we are looking to see the grand total of views, hours watched, etc. a video has over it’s lifetime, not just from the previous month/quarter, etc.
Need help in creating a formula that says “If an item has the same exact {Name}, regardless of which group the item resides in across one single board, sum up the number of {Views}”
Per the attached screenshot, we want a formula column for Grand Total of Views to take the Indexed Universal Life from Columbus Life Insurance Company video from Q3 and the same titled video from Q2, and wherever else that title video may show up, and to add the 318 views (Q3) and 284 views (Q2) together and display in the Grand Total of Views Formula Column.
As always, any insight would be appreciated!

Hello @vinceknueven,

You can use the Duplicates and Uniques app for that. Basically, you can create a “merge” template which will merge items with the same name together and then for the views column, you choose the option to add the values of the duplicate items. You can find more info about the app and merge function here.
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@kolaai Thanks for the reply. That is a possibility, but will have to dig into it a bit, but was hoping for a possible formula column in this request… Oddly enough though, we were already looking at your app for a duplicate form number column that we will have to build out for the vast majority of our boards. Thank you again!

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You are welcome. If you have any question concerning the app, you can always write to