Summarizing multiple numbers in text or dropdown cell itself or with formula

In my situation I have either a text or dropdown column with multiple numbers in it. I know the group total shows in the button, but I would like to see the total of each cell’s, but the sum formula is not working for this as it’s not adding the numbers together, it’s just picking up the first value…
{‘column name’#Sum} any ideas how can this be done?

As an example, we are collecting feature requests by rows and adding clients’ ARR in one column (dropdown or text), so I would like to see what’s the total ARR in that row with a formula if possible, but I don’t want the team to keep adding new number columns for each

Hi @ritzy

Welcome to the community! All operations in monday (including formulas) operate on a row basis. If you need to perform operations (like SUM) on a column basis you will need to use an extranla platform (like Make, Zapier) to do so.

Hey @ritzy! Hopefully @basdebruin’s suggestions helped but if not, shoot us a message at and we’d be happy to assist further with this! :blush:

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