Sum of values from a Multi-select Dropdown list

I’m trying to generate a sum based on multiple selections from a dropdown list. This is the formula that I’ve put together, and it works when only one item is selected from the dropdown, but when more than one item from the dropdown list is selected it returns 0 for the Sum.

3000 +
(IF({Options} = “Stairs”, 40)),
(IF({Options} = “Railings”, 30)),
(IF({Options} = “Frames”, 20)),
(IF({Options} = “Baseboards”, 10))

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jeffrey,

Here is one way of doing it.

To check if an item is in the column, you use:


If the result is 0, then it is not in the column. If it is higher than 0, it is (no matter the position).

So your formula should be:

IF(SEARCH("Stairs",{Dropdown#Labels})>0,40,0) + 
IF(SEARCH("Railings",{Dropdown#Labels})>0,30,0) + 
IF(SEARCH("Frames",{Dropdown#Labels})>0,20,0) + 

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That worked perfectly, thank you very much for the help!