Adding up selection values from a multi select field

I am looking for a formula that will help me set and determine priorities for product features we are going to release. I am struggling with the formula or the ability to get the sum of all items selected for a single multi-select field.

Example below:

Category 1

  • Item A = 1
  • Item B = 3
  • Item c = 4

Category 2

  • Item A = 1
  • Item B = 3
  • Item c = 4

From Category 1, I select Item A and Item B and in Category 2 I select Item B.

I want to be able to add Category 1’s total selected value to Category 2’s total selected value.

Sum(Category 1(1+3)), (Category 2 (3)) - I know this is not correct but this is the general concept.

Hey @AGB - this is a tricky one with native functionality. It may be possible but my first question is whether you have a hard limit to how many items you could have in a single multi-select (dropdown)? Even though the field is more or less unlimited. Multiple drop-down items are stored as comma separated text so it’s more of a way to split the string and sum.

At this point we do not have a hard pressed limit, do you think it would make a big difference if we did?

Hi @AGB - Based on your needs you likely need to start looking into custom tools to achieve this functionality. I am happy to look into this more with you, so please PM me or check out our website for more information and contact info. This will also give us an opportunity to review your overall approach to see if there is more native solutions available.

Lets get in touch and set an initial complementary session.