Add Dropdown Values Together

How can I add both values of a dropdown menu. For example, someone selects BOTH Nike and Addidas from the dropdown. The formula I seek should ADD both values.

So far I have this - IF({Dropdown}=“Nike”,60, IF({Dropdown}=“Addidas”,70))

The formula above will show the price when you make a single selection only. But it results in a TRUE statement when selecting multiple, I would like the formula to add all the chosen values. We have over 16 services that can be selected, so what would the formula look like?

Hi @thrivesquad and welcome to the community!

I do not think this would be possible to complete within standard monday functionality using dropdown and formula fields. There are far too many possible combinations to worry about. If you want to continue to use dropdowns you would likely need to look into outside tooling (such as Integromat or Zapier to complete).

A different approach would be to setup a separate board that contains the Brands and their associated values. Then on your main board, connect to the “Brand” Board and mirror back the values. See the example below:

  1. Create a Brand Board with all the Brands and values

  2. Back on your main board add a “connect boards” column and connect to the Brands board above

  3. Back on your main board, use the new connect boards column to select the brands (you can select multiple brands)

The associated total value is pulled from the Brands Board and displayed:

Hopefully this helps!


I’ll definitely try this, thank you so much!

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@thrivesquad My pleasure!

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