Summing multiple columns that are null and getting an error


I am trying to sum 5 columns together. There will always be one column with a valid number but sometimes all but one column may be blank.

My solution was to create an if statement as follows:

if({Rent Amount}=“”,0,{Rent Amount},if({Management Fee}=“”,0,{Management Fee},if({Water Amount}=“”,0,{Water Amount},if({Tax Amount}=“”,0,{Tax Amount},if({Trash Amount}=“”,0,{Trash Amount},sum({Rent Amount},{Management Fee},{Water Amount}{Tax Amount},{Trash Amount}))))))

It is still showing an error for blank cells. Can someone point me in the right direction.

Okay, So i was missing a comma, It is not giving me an error any more. Instead, it is only giving me the sum of the rent amount.

Hi Sa,

What type of columns are you using? I recreated your scenario with Numbers columns and I can get the SUM without worrying about the columns being empty.

What if we could break free of the Formula column? and write formulas that update any type of columns? What if a formula could update multiple columns at once? This is possible with the Advanced Formula Booster app.

Hi Gilles,

I over thought this. I actually went back and did the same thing and it worked. The reason I was getting an error was because i was trying to use minus( instead of sum( lol. Rookie mistake