Support insensitive case value of text columns

Hi All,

There is a way to support insensitive case to search about items using text column and items_by_column_values (Item 1 == item 1 or Item 1 == itEm 1) ?


Hi @f2yez!

I’m afraid not at this time.

However, I’ve moved your request to the “Feature Requests” section and passed it along to our team for consideration.

For now, I would recommend creating a filter within your own app/backend for case-sensitive text.

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I would like to double the request by f2yez. I am currently working on a scenario, where I want to search Items by email address. However as the search is case sensitive, I cannot find an Item like “Demo.Email@Something.dunno” by searching for “”.

Am I missing any type of query here, or would I need to modify all email addresses in the system first to be all lower case or similar?


Thank you for sharing your use case and adding your voice to this feature request. I appreciate it!

At this time, I’m afraid the best solution would indeed be making all of the values in your board lower-case. Actually, the quickstart integration app has a recipe that does exactly that, and it seems like it would be a quick solution to achieve this.


I realize a case-insensitive query would be an easier way for you to accomplish this, so I’ve made sure our records are updated with your feedback and workflow too. :slight_smile:


Hi @AlexSavchuk

Thank you for the quick reply! I cannot find the automation you mention.
We are working on an EU server which usually gets features somewhat later than the international servers. Is that the reason for me not finding it our am I doing something else wrong?


Oh, sorry for the confusion here. I was referring to the monday.apps quickstart integration app, and it can also be found for accounts hosted within the EU. You’ll need to click on your profile picture, and then click on Developers. From there, create a new app and create a new Integration feature.

This is also described in further detail on the Apps documentation page:

Let me know if this helps.