Search module on integromat doesn't find item ID

Hi all!

This is the output I’m getting:
module doesnt find item ID - why

I saw the below comment, that says I should run it so that I will get items returned, but how do I do that?



The post you quoted was referring to a different situation.

Although email column are technically supported, the support is “awkward” at best.

There are two significant issues that make searching by email relatively unusable:

  • First, searches are case sensitive. So, if the REAL value of the email column on the item you are searching for is "" searching for "" will not find it.
  • Second, the search is performed against the text value of the column and an exact match is required. The main problem here is that if the “text to display” value is entered, it becomes part of the text value for the column. So if the email address entered is "" and NO text to display is entered, the item’s text value for that column will be "". But, if the text to display is also given as “email” then the text value for the column will be "email -".

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Everything works now!

The column type and capital letters are surely something to take note of.

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