Integromat using an email address as the item ID

I am attempting to change a status using Integromat and I have elected an email address as the unique identifier but it isn’t working. This is the error I get:

The operation failed with an error. [200] [{“message”:“Parse error on “@” (DIR_SIGN) at [1, 82]”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:82}]}]

Everything else is working fine. If anyone has ran into this error and have a solution it would be much appreciated

Hi @aimeeb14 welcome to our community!

Taking a look I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind verifying that this the workflow you’re trying to setup: when a new Subscriber is added in Mailchimp, update the email column in your board?

To me, it makes more sense to watch your Mailchimp account, and once a Subscriber is added or updated there, search your board for the relevant item to be changed.

In any case, it seems the error might be getting thrown because you’re returning some sort of “JSON Blob” that can’t be parsed. What is the Mailchimp item returning? Is it a string or a JSON object?


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