Integromat . Webhook+Json+Email

Im making an scenario on integromat that:

  1. listen to a webhook from monday triggered vía integracion.
  2. Json parse data string
  3. Send an email

Question Is i dont figure out how to obtain the email column data from data structure in Json AND then in the email module use it to map the destination email with this value.

@JCorrell Monday Man… i see that you have answered here:
monday/Integromat Webhook How To (was: Integromat watch board constantly claiming updates) - monday Apps & Developers / FAQs - No-Code (Zapier, Integromat, etc) - monday Community

Could you share how i can extract the Email Value from an Email Column using Webhooks and then Json parse module, to then use it to map "To: … " parameter in a Email module?


I don’t really understand your question. If the webhook is being called on a change in the email address, you should be able to access the email address directly:

If webhook is called by a different trigger, you will have to read the item. And, again you should be able to access the email directly:

There should be no need for a JSON module.

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Thanks @JCorrell as always.
Im just learning in this área.
Another question, how i retrieve a pulse ID from the pulse that triggered the integration when the webhook brings you a collection of ID´s. It is possible? Im using one of Eledo Pdf integrations that report multiple items to a webhook, triggering is via button click. Question is if i can retrieve the original pulse ID where the button was clicked.


I haven’t tried the Eledo app.

Here are two possibilities:

  1. Add an additional webhook to the board that calls the webhook when the button changes.
  2. If you HAVE to figure out WHICH of the items of the list had the most recent button click, you could call the API directly using an HTTP module to read the activity log and go from there.

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Hi Hernan,
If you need support on Monday integration on Integromat, I can help you.

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