Move item based on search term via Integromat

Hi, I want to move an item within a board from one group to another based on a search term within the Name field (a pulse email subject line). For that I wanted to use Integromat’s Watch Board’s Item by Column Value and then Move an Item Between Groups. The first Integromat module is clear. I just don’t understand the Move an Item Between Groups module. What is Item ID for? Thanks


Every item has an Item ID. It is the reference number used in the database to identify an item. Once an item is created it never changes even if everything else on the item, including the name, changes.

Most likely, you will use the Item ID that is coming from the previous module. This will be the Item ID for the item that you actually want to move. You will need to click on the “map:” toggle just above the Item ID on the right to select it.

Thanks. So if the Column Value I’m searching for was in the Name column I would need to specify the same Name column in the Move an Item Between Groups module?


No. Use the Item ID that is returned from the search. This is the reason the search is needed, to get the Item ID. When referring to items from a program (like Integromat), you MUST ALWAYS use the Item ID. This is the only thing that uniquely identifies and item in monday. In most cases, using the monday APIs, you must also specify the Board ID. But, this is needed because of the way the APIs have been structured and not because it is technically necessary.

thanks, will test it that way.