The Last time update is posted in the updates section

can i get a log that tells my when an update was last created or replied at an item or sub item

Hey Ori,

We have this automation recipe which you might find useful:

That said, I am afraid at this stage, we don’t have an activity log specific to the updates section. This is a great suggestion which I’ll take with our team. I can also convert this into a feature request so our community to upvote the feature :pray:

Thank you
I created the following automation that gives me a partial answer

This provides an answer for creating an update and only in ITEM, not in SUBITEM

Is there a possibility for such automation for SUBITEM?

Hello @Ori_Eitan !

I checked and it seems this custom automation does not support subitems yet.

So currently, you would need to use something like to have the update in a subitem act as the trigger for another action.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at