The new monday style guide is here - Welcome Monday Vibe!

We are proud to announce the latest version of the monday style guide — Monday Vibe!

It’s a brand-new central repository for all things monday style: React components, style guidelines, and UI notes in one place. Check it out at!

Vibe gif

Monday vibe features:

  • Full design guidelines to design your apps like monday’s own design guild
  • 26 components for you to use in your apps
  • A sandbox for testing each component
  • Styleguides for fonts, animation, and presentations
  • A logo library

We have also updated the Monday UI kit and you can check it out here!

Thank you to @orrgottl,, @moshez, @Rotemde, @OmerD, @dorshaked, @danielmittelman,, @VladMonday, @ronen,, and the whole team for your contributions.

Happy building :wrench:


Really cool to see! Well done team :slight_smile:

This is so much cleaner than before! Awesome!

Hatsoff work.
And Is there any reference to make the same table structure ?
Thanks in advence

Hello @chaky86 and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

You mean a reference to copy the looks of our boards?

Hello @Matias.Monday yeah really liked it. yeah exactly the way managing row and column reordering, resizing, data filtering etc

Hey @chaky86 did you try to replicate their table styling?

Hello there,

We do not have a public repository on how we filter data or manage our items and columns in our backend.

Having said that, you can use this to mimic our style :slightly_smiling_face: