The user has "encrypt_api_token" field in the API doc, but doesn't exist in API call

query {users ( page: 1, limit: 1) { id name email title url birthday location mobile_phone phone country_code time_zone_identifier utc_hours_diff current_language enabled encrypt_api_token account { name id} created_at is_admin is_guest is_pending is_view_only is_verified join_date last_activity teams {id name} }}

In the API doc, this field is there Users. I remember it was there before, but when I ran this API today, it returns error. Why this happen? This field exists or will exist or not?


Hello there @OktaDev,

Sorry for the late reply.

We are sending an email to accounts using that field.

If your account was using this, you will receive an email about it.


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I am running into the same issue. Is this field deprecated, removed, or not available in certain/all API versions?

Hello @EricM , the field is not available in any API version.