This is in relation to formulas

I am trying to create a formula based on the following scenario.
Mostly we charge but unit x cost, sometimes we charge by 1 service cost plus commission, in other instances and the formula I am trying to construct:
unit x cost plus 20% commission but capped at $15, if commission charge is over $15, cap at $15
How do i ask monday to ignore the commission total and add the Linen Commission instead? I have tried the formula below but it doesnt work:

{Unit Cost}+{Commission Total},
IF(AND({Service Type}= “Linen”,{Formula}=15,{Unit Cost}+{Formula})

Try something like
IF(PRODUCT({Cost},0.2)>15, SUM(PRODUCT({Unit}*{Cost}),15),PRODUCT({Unit},{Cost},1.2))

Thanks so much Marius! I made this relatable to my workflow and it worked:

IF(PRODUCT({Unit Cost},{Commission Total})>15, SUM(PRODUCT({Unit}*{Unit Cost}),15),PRODUCT({Unit},{Unit Cost},{Comission}))

Heres Where i’m stuck, I only want it to be capped at 15 if the service type (status) is “Linen”. Where would i add - {Service Type}=“Linen” - into that formula? Everything i try doesnt give me the right equation.

IF(AND(PRODUCT({Cost},0.2)>15,{Service Type}=“Linen”), SUM(PRODUCT({Unit}*{Cost}),15),PRODUCT({Unit},{Cost},1.2))