Working with Formula

Hi! I’ve just discovered the formula column and need a little assistance.

I’m not sure if this is even a functionality of the formula column, but I’m looking to do the following;

A formula that can recognise the numerical value of a status - for example, ‘x’ = 90

Then do the sum “hours” x 90 (or whatever the numerical value of a status is).

In my mind, the formular would follow this path:

IF Status is “x”, MULTIPLY “hours” by "numerical value of “x”

Any help on this matter would be hugely beneficial!

Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out here. Could you send us a screenshot of your board so we can visualize what you’re trying to achieve and advise if it’s possible?

Cheers :smiley:

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Hi Julia,

I have attached a screenshot of a use case for this.

Ideally, we want the formula to recognise that the each of the statues marries up with the ‘rate’ column (but ideally, we wouldn’t want the rate column, but somewhere that this is automatically recognised based on the status) which would then be multiplied by the hours column.

Im not sure this is doable, but any help would be great!