If status is somthing copy value from different column to this column

Hi have the following columns:
Status (with the options of): Yes/No
Number: Cost
Formula: Organisation
Formula: Personnel

I want to add a formula to the two formula columns so if the status is No the value is put in the organisation column, if the status is Yes it the value will show in the personnel column. the formula i have tried (along with several variations) is:
IF ({Reimburse = “No:Concur”}),=SUM({cost})

I just keep getting the response of True or False in the column but i want the actual number from the ‘COST’ column. Should i be using automation, but i really want to see the total of the two columns.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try this:
Formula: Organisation
IF({Reimburse} = "No", {cost}, "")

Formula: Personnel
IF({Reimburse} = "Yes", {cost}, "")

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