Ticketing Service Level Performance Tracking

Hi all,

I am creating a ticketing System to track incoming ticket service level performance. I would like to have a workflow to showcase whether ticket have been closed within 72hours of opening. On top of that, would like to remove weekend and public holiday from the tracking. Have anyone had similar experiences or done up similar workflow? thank you.

Hi Valentine
You can use a networkdays formula
This will omit weekends and allow you to set days as back holidays etc
Syntax: NETWORKDAYS(start_date, end_date [,holidays as array])
Example: NETWORKDAYS(“2021/11/26”, “2021/12/02”, ARGS2ARRAY(“2021/11/30”, “2021/12/1”))

for example
NETWORKDAYS({Ticket ordered date}, {Ticket Closed Date}, ARGS2ARRAY(“2021/11/30”, “2021/12/1”))

For the open ticket date you could use the creation date or an automation to set a date to now based on a status change to ticket open
and for the closed date you can use an automation also if needed on set close date to now based on a status change of ticket closed
The formula will the work out newtworkdays between
You can also add an additional formula to give an Sla value as seen in the screen grabs
Hope this give what you need

If you need any additional help, just let me know
Many thanks in advance

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