Time Tracking column: overall Total of time tracked on the home

I need a calculation of the total number of hours and minutes tracked via the time tracking column of a board.

Currently the calculation is only happening for each board element group individually (if there are several element groups, there are also several totals). But currently there is no total of all board element groups in one sum.

Something like this:

In that context, it would be great if I could define thresholds at which alerts/notifications could be populated to make sure a certain total is being recognized once reaching the threshold.

hi @Hauke

Welcome to the community! If you click your avatar picture and go to monday.labs, you will probably see a feature called Board footers that you can activate. This will show the summary of the entire board.


hey @basdebruin,
Thanks for the input. Indeed it looks like an interesting feature and helps as short term workaround.

I would propose to work on the layout as currently it’s being displayed slight strange and it’s not yet possible to move it up (for example from the bottom to the top of the board although I appreciate it’s called footer, but some flexibility would be nice) or to collapse a menu as for the other groups in a board:


If in any way this summary “footer” could also be leveraged to create alerts (as described in my post) it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again and best regards,

That sound like a feature request to be made to the monday team :slight_smile:

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