Basic Time Tracking functionalities are missing

Hi guys,

The Time Tracking feature is great, really, It bring us a tons of value whenever we need to manage our team and projects in our board with a lot of view options:

  • Table column
  • Dashboard widget
  • Heatmap (Hours) widget

However, we do have some basic functionalities that doesn’t work:

  1. The board’s filter doesn’t applied over this column.
    For example, If my filter is for a whole month (1st-31st), and the time tracking of item is exceeding this time cohort - it remains the same - like the filter is not working.

  2. The sum functionality is missing.
    If the Time Tracking is a column in a table, for most of the columns the total (sum) row is working, except for this column, here it remains empty (blank).

  3. Multi-users Time Tracking (per Item) - This capability is quite advanced - but it means that if several users pressed “Start” track on the same item - the item can’t “holds” different users tracking time per 1 item. It seems like it can be valid only for 1 user although we have few use cases when it needed.

Or Almog
Product Manager at Playtika’s Marketing