Time Tracking Features Request

Hey MDC,

A few features our agency would like to see with Time Tracking.

1 - Multiple users cannot log the same hours in a single task.

  • (Example) - We have a Monday morning team meeting each week. We all log the same time block to that single task. Right now, it will not let more than one person log that time.
  • (Bandaid) - We’ve created sub items under that single task.
  • (Bandaid Problem) - When we export the board, all sub items are grouped together and cannot see individual hours for each team member.

2 - Would like to see each Time Tracking entry have a box under the calendar where team member can add notes on specific details of what was worked on in that time.

  • (Example) - Ad Hoc Graphic Design - Logs time but client appreciates seeing what exactly was worked on.

3 - Dashboard feature - Would like to see a dashboard where only tasks assigned to someone with a Time Tracking column, show up in the dashboard. Basically allowing one place for each team member to see only their tasks they need to log hours to. Not everyone elses tasks.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, if you want to add your feedback here, this post is from 2019, there youll see all improvements requested for this column