Answers: How can I track time for multiple users on the same item?

Do you have multiple different people working on the same item and need to have each of their time sessions tracked? If so, in order to track time sessions for different users on the same item, each person can simply go in and press the start/pause button on the time tracking column of the same item on their own account, or click to enter a session manually!

Once completed, you can simply click into the cell of that given item to see a clear time tracking log of the sessions tracked from each user:

Voilà! You now have an easy way to track time spent on the same project for multiple different users on your account.

To read more on the Time Tracking Column, check out this article. :slight_smile:


Thanks, this is a great news.

It seems that multiple users can not log their times simultaneously, which can happen if they work together/are in the same meeting/…
is there a plan to add that?

For now I did not I find how to use the data, unless I get the logs using api v2.
I would love to know how we can use that data in widgets.
It would be great if we could get the sum of time trackers for each user user for one or multiple boards.

It is a nice first step anyway, i am very happy about it.
Kind regards,


On a related note to this - if you have multiple people tracking time in the same column for an item, pay careful attention to your dashboard reporting for time tracking. In order to see accurate numbers for each user, you will need to group by “time tracking sessions”, not by people. Time by Time Tracking Sessi...

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Yes, multiple users need to be able to track time simultaneously for my purposes as well.

Thanks for the amazing work.

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