Multiple users tracking time for the same task

Our team can have multiple people all working on the same task at the same time, but we are struggling to track this time as it says that we already have an existing session at this time. Is there a way round this?

Hi @lisa_paase - what we have done as a workaround in the past is utilize subitems as time tracking elements per person then summarize the subitems on the main task. This only works if you are not utilizing subitems today on the board for another purpose.


This is the same issue we have been struggling with as well - unfortunately we are using subtasks for another purpose so we are unable to use the workaround suggested by @mark.anley

Please let me know if someone has other work arounds.


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Hey @Jerome1 @lisa_paase - it’s also worth the ask on if it is important to know the amount of time spent at the task level or just at the project or user level? Sometimes we see clients that track time at the task level but don’t really need that level of info.

In those cases we set a time tracking group at the top of the board with a task assigned to each person, they then use that single task to track all their time against a project.

Figured I would throw it out there.

Additionally there are time tracking apps such as Tracket that allow for more detailed time tracking at the task level.

Hope this helps,

Hey @Jerome1 and @lisa_paase,

You both bring up great points here, and feedback that we will definitely share with our product team. As you’ve discovered, whilst it is possible to track time for multiple people across the duration of a time period at seperate times, if you’d like to track multiple people at the same time, for that period of time, you will run into that particular error message (an existing session already existing…) - we apologise for the setback here! As @mark.anley has suggested, we do recommend exploring our apps marketplace for other time tracking options, that allow for more flexible and customisable tracking :pray: