Time Tracking formula to round to quarter hour

Each member of my agency has a time tracking board. I have a column to take their total time and multiply by their billable rate in order to get their overall spend. The problem is, your agency bills by the nearest quarter hour (rounded up) and I can’t figure out how to do a formula for this. Monday.com support says it can’t be done and I wondered if General Caster has a formula to make it work? I’m open to any ideas/work arounds even if it means adding another column to divide one by the other (or whatever it would need to be). I just can’t figure this out and feel like it should be able to be done somehow.

Example below for help:

Task - time is 3h 6m
I have a column that will round this but it’s a concatenate so then I can’t multiply by the billable rate. I can round the time in a number column but can’t figure out how to roundup to the nearest quarter hour, in this case to 3.25 so that I can then multiply the bill rate by that to get what we will charge. Can anyone help me with this…I’ve tried everything!!!


If I understand correctly, this formula should do what you need:

ROUNDUP({Time Tracking#Hours}*4,0)/4

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It look like @JCorrell’s post above might have answered your question, is that correct?

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Thank you Jim. That worked beautifully. I knew it was probably something easy! Appreciate the help!

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