To someone not technically savvy, could you explain how versatile/powerful custom integrations be? SAP, etc

Looking for more information as to specific use cases any of you have created using custom integrations! Thanks.

Hey @bredlawskk offers API to interact with it.
Additional information about building apps are available at
You can also connect your existing solution (if possible) to using third-party services like Integromat:

Thanks for the response!

So again, to be clear, for someone without a lot of technical background. Can I custom design to interact with my companies already built applications? As long as it’s nothing too complex?

A simple answer is:

Custom designing to interact with company’s already built applications is not possible for someone without a lot of technical background

Using third-party services like Integromat lets someone build an integration between and his existing application without writing a line of code, but it requires at least basic dev skills and knowledge.

I appreciate your time.

So the answer is, yes, but it’s pretty complex. The answer also is, you can do simple easy enough things with available ISAAP platforms.

Thanks again!