Trial extension does not trigger a subscription webhook

Hello @Matias.Monday,

Following up on this topic:
We recently found out that does not notify about trial extensions via subscription webhooks. The “app_trial_subscription_started” webhook is received only for new trials, but extending a trial does not trigger this webhook, nor there is any other webhook (like “app_trial_subscription_extended”) that would inform the app about prolongation of the trial.

I find it baffling that using webhooks for licensing logic is recommended, but certain scenarios are not covered. For us it probably means we wasted the effort spent on webhooks and we will have to pull fresh subscription data via GraphQL API with every page load. Even with some caching, this still seems unnecessary; it will probably slow down loading and may cause visual glitches, and it also comes with a drawback of inability to call the ‘app_subscription’ GraphQL API from backend, which means we cannot reliably tell if our API should be accessible or not.

We really want to rely on webhooks so that we minimize loading time and make user experience faster and smoother, but we can’t. Is there any chance will implement a new webhook that covers the trial extension case soon?

Thank you,
Roman (7pace/Appfire)

Hello there @RomanF,

I do not have an ETA on when that could happen at the moment.

Having said that, I can see you created this as a feature request! That is awesome!

Now are team will be in the loop for this request and other devs can vote for it :grin: