Trigger Monday Timeline Column in Zapier

The start and end dates in a Monday column are not presented as options in Zapier, when looking to use a trigger that updates a specific value in a column.

What I am looking to do is rely on Zapier to get the start and end date of timeline in a specific board, anytime it changes.

Can anyone think of a way to do this?

hi @bysam

I am not a Zapier expert but I can assure that the timeline column data (including start- and end-date) are part of the webhook payload send by I am using those in my apps. Don’t know why Zapier os not showing them.

Hey @bysam :wave:

This should definitely be possible via Zapier, although you might need to use the Get Column Values Zap in Zapier to get the specific values for the Timeline column. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of your current Zap setup? That way, we’d be able to provide a more tailored solution for your use case.

@basdebruin Thanks so much for your input here!


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