Trying to move lines from two separate boards to two different boards with one click

I have two boards under our Sales CRM (Accounts & Contacts) and two boards under our Work Management (Clients & Current Contacts). Once we complete the sales cycle and someone becomes a client, I want to be able to click one thing on the account board to move the account line to the Clients board and the Contact line for that account to the Current Contacts board. Is this possible? Or do I need to move both lines with separate actions?

Hey @JacquiC - one option could be to mirror the Deal/Opportunity stage to both the account and the contact boards (assuming you have both connected at the deal level). Then on both your Accounts board and Contacts board, create a new Status column called “Move Item”.

Setup an automation on both the Account and Contact board (you need to select it from the automation templates):
In this example: When “mirrored Deal Stage” changes to “Won” change “Move Item” to “Move”

Then add a second custom automation to the Accounts board:
When “Move Status” changes to “Move”, move the item to “Clients”

And add a second automation to the Contacts board:
When “Move Status” changes to “Move”, move the item to “Current Contacts”

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!