Pull data from different boards to one and reference a unique ID number

Hi everyone.
I have various 2 boards of the different stages of our clients experience. In the first some information is added then the client is passed to another board where the next representative would take over and add additional information. I want to take the information added from board 1 and put it in contacts (reference the clients unique ID number), then on the next board as more information is added, for that to be then added to the clients name again referencing the unique ID number. After that the client then gets moved to my account board where I want the users of my CRM to only need to click the clients name to obtain all the information that was added previously from the other boards/ stages of the client process. This last part I can do. I just do not know how to add the data from board 1 to contacts, and then the additional data from board 2 to contacts and place it under the unique customer ID number and not lose information as it passes from one board to the next.

Hello @michael.m ,

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Unfortunately currently there is no way to have column change in one board and have the changes also directly reflected in another board.

What I would suggest is :

When the item (client) moves from board 1 to board 2 also create an item with information you want to the contacts board by using something like the following automation

Where the board would be the contacts board.

And for board 2 use this automation

Where column match would be the unique ID. That way there would be a connect column in your contacts board where you would have all the information as is in board 2.

You could also skip the first step entirely if you are not interested in “storing” the information before board 2.

Hope this helps in some way.

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Giannis Koukounas, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com

Thank you, this make sense and should work. Quick question for the second part of this. So board one is basically leads, board 2 will be our onboarding (so they are a client and a contact so I can send their info to contacts). Added information about the client will be created in board 2 that was not yet available on board 1 like “final date of onboarding” and a report. Finally once they are onboarded they will then be sent to accounts for continuous monthly monitoring for the life time of the clients subscription. If I make an item match on board 2 with contacts, when its moved our of board 2, am I I right in saying it will go away in the contacts too because its matching? Perhaps i can add a status to “move to accounts” and when thats selected then the missing or added information on board 2 can be sent to contacts? How would I make sure the added information is transferred and referenced under the correct client ID? If thats even possible?