Trying to use FORMULA column to format a date so that it displays properly in Docugen, failing miserably

Hi folks,
So I am trying to create a contract template using Docugen and so far its working fine. However, the date column displays as follows in the resulting document
2021-08-14. Year, Month, Date. This is fine for USA.
However, I would like it to appear as Day, Date, Month, Year in a more conversational view.
I thought if I used the date column to select my date I could change it using the formula column and then have Docugen look there for parsing the date.
I am new to formulas but saw the FORMAT_DATE formula.
However, when trying to make it work, I can’t.
Here is a sample from the formula column: FORMAT_DATE (TODAY (), “dddd, MMMM Do YYYY”)
This returns todays date in the right format.
I want the formula to do this to another column on the board.
I’ve tried this: FORMAT_DATE ({Agreement Date} (), “dddd, MMMM Do YYYY”), where Agreement Date is the date column I would like to format but I get the stubborn red exclamation mark which is driving me nuts.
What comma, colon, bracket is missing in order for this formula to work?
Thanks for any help in advance!!! :slight_smile:


You’re close. Try:

FORMAT_DATE({Agreement Date}, "dddd, MMMM Do YYYY")

No joy, strangely! I’ve double checked the column is correct, and tried the above formula. Still getting an error. Whats odd is when I did it on another board it worked, once and then stopped also. I wonder if there has been any syntax changes or anything?

Actually the example formula doesn’t even work now?
Gives me an error also…


Simple answer, retype the quote marks and remove the space after FORMAT_DATE

If you used my post text before I edited it, it’s because mine were incorrect at first.

You should be able to use the text now. Here it is again:

FORMAT_DATE({Agreement Date}, "dddd, MMMM Do YYYY")

It works! Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

Hey Kenneth - Sami here, DocuGen founder. DocuGen doesn’t (yet) support the function FORMAT_DATE(). Here is a workaround that might help for date formatting:

If it doesn’t meet your needs, let me know and I will dig up some alternative.

Cheers @samicaracand. I used the formula suggested by @JCorrell above and it works a treat.
Appreciate your input!

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