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I’m a french post production manger. Here we use mainly the following date format : “dd/mm/yy” and some editors from my team filled a text column for month with these kind of date (the {MAJ} column). I need to convert it to a date column, but it is giving me a wrong date : the days are read as years. So y made an intermediate date column to parse and format it correcly, using this formula : FORMAT_DATE(DATE(2000+RIGHT({MAJ},2), RIGHT(LEFT({MAJ},5),2),LEFT({MAJ},2)))

As you can see in the picture, I now have a correcly formated date, and I need to convert the formula column to date or text. How could I do that ? is there another way to get the text/french date to a correct date column ? Thanks for your help.

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Assuming that your items have at least 1 column with unique values, you could export the board to Excel, get the date the way you want then import using “Update existing items” to populate the date column.

Hey, thanks for your answer !
I tried that, but didn’t find any “update existing items” option when importing my formatted date exel file, only “create new items - skip items - overwrite items”. I tried the different options, and the problem is that I cant keep my data, especially the colums that are linked to other boards, because the rest of the data could be reimported through exel, but not this columns type.
I hope you can bring me some help. Thanks.


I’m at something of a loss. You are correct in your findings. I was sure that you were missing something. So, I tested it myself. No go. Then I thought maybe I was missing something. So, I went back to the documentation. The way the system is currently working no longer matches the documentation.

Maybe someone from monday can help here. @Helen / @AlexSavchuk can you give us some insight?


In the meantime, short of implementing a custom app, I would suggest an Integromat scenario or General Caster (an existing app in the monday marketplace). I’m very familiar with Integromat if you need help. But have not personally tried the other.