Export to Excel - issue with dates from formula column

Hi Support,

I have a formula column (“Final delivery Date”) set to return a date from 2 other columns:
FORMAT_DATE(IF({NL - New delivery date}="",{NL - Delivery date},{NL - New delivery date}),“DD/MM/YYYY”).

This works okay in Monday.com: I can sort by date, but filtering means manually selecting each date, unlike Monday’s own DATE column which allows filtering on This Week, Last Week, etc.)

However, when I export to Excel, the date in “Final Delivery Date” is not recognised as a date in Excel. I have tried changing the date format to DD/MM/YY and YYYY/MM/DD with no effect.

The only solution seems to be manually clicking in each cell to get it to recognise the data. Is there a way to get this export working so Excel recognises the date?