Twilio doesn’t work with mirror column?

I would like using Twilio Integration to send a message to my customers when a statut changed. I using a mirror column for phone number ( from contact board). I don’t know why but when I using mirror’s board integration it’s doesn’t work ( error message )…? If I create directly a phone column it’s work ! Any suggestion ?

Thank you.

Can you check automation activity and share screenshot what exactly the error is.

Hello Rehan,

I added screenshots of error, when the statut changing automation understand it’s time to activate the action, but message error appear and said : ‘’ Automation was desactivated because column was deleted " but column is still there and when i want modify the automation the column selection has disappeared and cant change it.


I checked it, mirror column doesn’t work with twilio integration. I jumped on call with him and suggested . Also helped him to built integration with monday.

Yes, Thank you very much for your help ! working perfectly, it’s easy to use and you explained me very well . 1000 thank a lot :slight_smile: