Understanding fields in integration's payload

In my custom actions, I receive the following fields in my payload:

"blockMetadata": null,
"integrationId": 139037958,
"recipeId": 30072284,
"forceNoCharge": false

1 . What should the blockMetadata contain?

2 . I understand that integrationId is the unique Id of the integration, as set by the user in his board.

3 . But what about recipeId?
Reading the documentation, it should correspond to the unique Id of the “trigger > action” recipe I’ve published, but how can I find the corresponding recipe in the Developers > Recipes section?

4 . And finally, what’s the forceNoCharge field?


Hello there @rob!

To answer your questions:

blockMetadata and forceNoCharge will not be visible for developers anymore soon. They do not have a purpose for builders. It is internal information.

The recipe ID is indeed the combination of trigger+action but it changes with each version of the app, so I would not rely on that piece of information for much. What do you want to use it for?


No needs in particular. Just wondering what they are used for.

Glad to help!

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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