Unknown GraphQL error received

Hi there

I do see a large number of these errors

I get a ChangeColumnValueError when trying to change a number column to -5. What do I do wrong here? I also notice a custom exception ItemLinkMaxLocksExceeded. Under which condition does this ItemLinkMaxLocksExceeded error occur?

Hello there @basdebruin!

Can you please send this information including a timestamp of when you got this error message to appsupport@monday.com so we can take a look and give this some following?


hi @Matias.Monday

It is already sent to appsupport. I got the tip to post these kind of issues also here due to the unresponsiveness of appsupport :slight_smile: . I will forward it again, including timestamps

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I have also seen these errors lately. What I realized is that, these types of errors occur when trying to change multiple column values at once.
What you can do to fix it, at least for now is to wait for a few seconds (around 3-5 seconds) and try again. Usually it works.

Hello there @basdebruin and @kolaai,

Sorry about the late reply. I was wondering if you are still seeing these errors.