Unlimited Recipe Creator

When are you going to free up the ‘recipe’ builder in custom automations so that we can produce automations without the current restrictions?

For example, we wanted to create one that added in an item and four subitems every Monday and Thursday but the functionality wasn’t there, so we had to create a frankly ridiculous workaround

  • Create an automation in board 1 that creates an item in board 2 every Monday and Thursday
  • Create an automation in board 2 that moves any item that is created in board 2, to board 1
  • Create a further automation in board 1 that adds the four subitems to any item that is moved onto this board

All because we can’t create subitems when the first ingredient is ‘every time period’ but we can create subitems if a ‘change of status’ is the first ingredient, or if the first one is ‘When date arrives’.

Surely we should be able to use any ingredients in any order we want in order to create the perfect recipe???