Unlocking Workflow Wonders: A Symphony of Automation with Monday, JotForm, and Make.com!

:rocket: Exciting Automation Update! :robot::sparkles:

Hey everyone! :wave: Just wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes magic I’ve been working on! :star2: I’ve created a seamless automation using Monday, JotForm, and the incredible power of Make.com!

Here’s the scoop: For example In my JotForm, there is a ‘properties’ option with a list of items. Now, thanks to make.com ,whenever I update the status to ‘Active’ on my Monday board, BAM! ! That specific item magically appears in the JotForm property list. It’s like having a personal assistant for my digital tasks!

But wait, there’s more! :tada: When I decide it’s time for an item to take a break and change its status to ‘Inactive’ in Monday, poof! It gracefully disappears from the JotForm property list. How cool is that? :sunglasses:

Here is the make.com scenario:

Cheers to the power of automation making our workflow smoother than ever! :robot::sparkles: #TechMagic #AutomationWin #MondayJotFormMakeMagic

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