Update item gives error 500 in certain circonstances

I’m writing an app to synchronize our SugarCRM with a Monday board.

All is working as expected, but sometimes one query to update a people column is failing with an error 500.

The query is:

mutation {
change_multiple_column_values (
board_id: 165483237,
item_id: 724910374,
column_values: “{“people”:{“personsAndTeams”:[{“id”:5428485,“kind”:“person”}]}}”

When using a different user id, all is working as expected.

It seems that the user 5428485 is a Team Member, but not not a Board Member.

If I add this user to the Board Member list, all is working as expected.

How to check if a user is a Board Member before updating the column?

How to add a user as a Board Member, either Member or Guest?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @lrobinot - welcome!!

It sounds like the 500 error here is being caused by the user not being a board member, as you described on your post. We do have mutations for adding / deleting users as subscribers to the board:
You should be able to use these to add users to the board when needed through the API. Likewise, we have a query which will return the user IDs for subscribers to a board:

query{boards(ids: _______) {
  id, subscribers {

This being said, the logic for comparing the two user ID’s would have to be implemented on your side.

Let me know if we can help with anything else!


Thanks for the quick reply.

I was expecting a support answer, as a 500 error code is not an error on my side… :slight_smile:

The workaround took me some time to find. An error explaining that the user is not a board subscriber should have save me a lot of time.

Issue have been fixed on my side :innocent: !!


Awesome @lrobinot! Let us know if we can assist with anything else :slight_smile: