Creating an item with Make - operation failed with an error 500

I’m trying to create a new board and then a new item inside that board.
I mapped the columns using the Column ID’s since the Board ID is dynamic.

I’m getting this error:
The operation failed with an error. [500] 809: unexpected token at ‘{ “numbers6”: 42720.00, “text”: 3510086463, “status”: Working on it, “person”: 32839235, “date4”: {}’

Tho I’m not sure why this is happening but it only lets me submit data to a number column if I remove all the other fields.

This issue is only happening in items that have a dynamic board ID.

I am having the same issue. when board ID is dynamic it lets me update only number columns and return the “[500] 809: unexpected token” any time i am trying to update a date or text columns.