Use columns value as group name using automations

I am trying to make a system using workforms which will get a team number and some statistics about the group, and i want each group to have it’s own group (because every group will get multiple form subbmison). now there are around 55 teams which means i will have to mannually create 55 groups and then create 55 automations to sort them. is there any simpler way of doing this? can i make an automations which will create a group based on a column value?

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Can you elaborate of the specific column that would inform the group name? Additionally, to confirm, the column value is based upon content submitted via a form submission, correct? :slight_smile:

Correct, the column value is based on content submitted through a form.
The column that would inform the group name is a “number” type column , and it has no other use other than inform me on what team I’m looking(technically this column can be a “short text” type).

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I am afraid you are indeed correct, the way you mentioned would be what you have to do.

You can duplicate the automation and just change the value to save time.

You can also do this in if you want to save time creating the automations, but you would have to spend your efforts creating the integration instead.

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Thank you :pray:, i will look into it