Item Name Automations - Generate item name based on template

We recently updated our Item Name Automations app to extend the functionality where item names are generated based on column values of that item. Now it is also possible to reference the group name of the item, the parent item name of a subitem or a parent column value of a subitem.

Item example: reference the group name and a column value by using ‘groupName’ and the title of the column:

Subitem example: For a subitem reference the column values of a parent by using the ‘parent.’ prefix.

In a subitem, you can also reference the item name of the parent item by using ‘parent.itemName’. This adds the possibility to easily reflect the parent item of subitems in overviews like ‘My Work’.

Result on the board:

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We added this functionality based on the feedback of users of the app. If you have any feedback, you are always welcome to share this with us.
The actions of the integrations are also available when building your own automations in the Automation Center.


Hi @frednijs, great integration. Is there any way to perform this automation without having to make a change to a column, I’d like an employee to complete a form and have a few of their answers combine to generate the item name.

Hi @JacksonBarry, thanks!
The actions of our integrations are also available in the Automation Center where you can build your own automation with a trigger you choose.
I added a short video to illustrate this. Will this help you solving your problem?

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I need to have a recurring item that is created at the beginning of each month, but where the item name is ‘xxx January’, then ‘xxx February’ etc - is this possible?

Unfortunately this is not possible.