When Automation Creates Subitem, include parent item name in subitem name 2

The Topic is closed, but the solution is still not there. Any ideas for a workaround since monday.com does seem to be interessted in a solution?

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Hey Phillipp,

Thank you for flagging this. I’d be happy to raise it with our automations team internally to see if this is a recipe we are considering developing.

At this stage, I’d recommend looking into our API or third party solution to achieve this - I apologise for the set back here :pray:

I will keep you updated on any information shared by our team!

Thank you for your patience Philipp!

I’ve received insight from our product team that we aim to head in this direction and address better customisation of subitems in automations through our Workflows feature - this is currently in testing, but we are aiming to have it released by the start of Q2. Subitems support should be a key feature in this release! Stay tuned for further updates and thanks for your patience :pray:


Hey @prmwe!

We developed an app called subitem automations that’s can solves this case. When you add a subitem it adds the name of the parent item before the subitem’s name. Here’s how it works →

We’re also working on adding a few more options like adding the item’s name at the end of the subitem’s name etc.

You can find it in the monday.com marketplace in the platform or here - monday.com: Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!