When Automation Creates Subitem, include parent item name in subitem name

We are currently using a parent board as our main board for communications with stakeholders, and the creation of tasks.

I cannot find a way to use an autopopulate field on the automation where ‘if status is THIS, then create subitem’. I want to basically name things like…

Video Production {item.name}
Creative {item.name}
Copy {item.name}

Is this possible?

Not yet @sed51329. Currently you can only map fields and other info automatically when creating a new item in another board, not subitems. It will become available eventually as subitems mature.

firstly, thanks for the automation recipe

I tried something on the similar basis with one more condition in the recipe.
When an item is created and status is something create a sub item and create sub item.

unfortunately o working, can you please help me out with this and let me know where I might be wrong.

unfortunately not working *

You can create multiple subitems with unique names:

At the moment it is not possible to pull in values from the parent item into the subitem names.

I’m currently using this automation but the downside is that the synced calendar only shows the name of board plus the name of subitems. (In this example: Outlook calendar). My setting is each item will have the same subitems so my calendar shows a bunch of same name and I don’t know which belongs to which item.

My suggestions will be
either allow the automation to insert the name of the item into the name of subitem.
or change the way it synced to the calendar. Let it shows the name of item plus the name of subitem instead of the name of the board plus the name of subitem.

Hope this helps!

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