When item is created, create a subitem with name [insert name]

I would like to set up my board so that whenever a new item is created, a subitem is automatically created with the same name. To be able to have more than one subitem created this way would be preferred.

For example, all of our line entry items should have subitems named Discrepancies and Proposed Changes.
Automation could be as follows: When item is created, create a subitem with name Discrepancies and create a subitem with name Proposed changes.
Any suggestions would be great, thank you!

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Hi Katelynn,

This is certainly doable for every new item added to the board. Have you tried this automation recipe? You’ll want to build it from a custom recipe.
Excuse some of the columns, I did this example on a random board of mine. The Name column is where you would change it to “Discrepancies” and “Proposed Changes”

The below screenshot is the result of the automation which should be what you’re looking for

@dnmonday Thank you so much. The first time I tried to set up the automation, for some reason I was not able to see the value screen where I could change the name of the subitem. I tried it again with our instructions, and it worked!

Unfortunately, depending on the platform you’re using for your board, achieving this exact functionality might not be possible due to limitations in automation triggers and capabilities. However, there are still ways to achieve a similar outcome with slight adjustments:

Option 1: Use Templates

  • Concept: Create one “template” item with the desired subitems already present (Discrepancies and Proposed Changes).
  • Implementation:
    • When creating a new item, instead of manually adding them, duplicate the template item.
    • Rename the new item with the desired name.
    • This avoids relying on triggers and ensures consistent subitem structure.

Option 2: Manual Triggers with Templates

  • Concept: Use manual triggers (buttons or specific actions) to create subitems from a template.
  • Implementation:
    • Create a hidden “template” item with desired subitems.
    • Add buttons or actions within the main item form (or a separate view) to “Create Discrepancies Subitem” and “Create Proposed Changes Subitem”.
    • Upon clicking these buttons, trigger an automation to duplicate the template subitems under the main item.
    • This requires user action but retains template benefits.

Option 3: Conditional Automations (if platform supports)

  • Concept: Leverage “When a subitem is created” triggers if available.
  • Implementation:
    • Create an automation triggered “When a new item is created”.
    • Within the automation, check if any subitems exist.
    • If no subitems exist, create subitems named “Discrepancies” and “Proposed Changes”.
    • This avoids duplication but relies on specific trigger support.

Additional Tips:

  • Explore platform-specific functionalities and automation capabilities in detail.
  • Consider adding unique identifiers (e.g., dates, numbers) to subitem names to avoid confusion with multiple instances.
  • Test your chosen solution thoroughly to ensure it works as expected.

Remember, the most suitable approach depends on your specific platform and needs. I hope these suggestions help you set up your board efficiently!