Use data in column for link

Hi, I have an ID in a column I’d like to use for another column (Link column). So e.g. the first column says 12345 and then the link would use this to have this url:

Is that doable?


When you enter a https:// address in a normal text column it will show up as a link. Not as nice as the link column itself (you can’t give it a name) but the advantage is that you can use the AutoID Column app from the marketplace and generate an id that looks like:{id}

I don’t know if your ID’s on your site are in a range that every id is +1, but you can certainly use the AutoID app to give you a solution. You can also use query vars, like:{id}
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Thanks basdebruin! Its a 37$ app, so might be better to just use a different connection we already have, if some external is needed. But its a nice to know! :slight_smile: