Using Power BI to retrieve boards using Cursor-based pagination

This is a follow-up to a post (Connecting Power BI to API 2023-10) about using Power BI to call the 2023-10 API. I have a set of Power BI M language functions and query that can retrieve data from a board using the items_page and next_items_page API calls.

I have shared the Power BI query and related three functions that I used to be able to retrieve a board and the cursor that is used with the next_items_page API call to get the next page of data.

Power BI sample with functions and query

There is a Word document with screen shots and instructions on how to use the functions and queries. I also have included a .PBIX file so that you can quickly add your authorization keys and board number.

Hopefully this saves you some time if you are using Power BI to access your board data. January 15th is coming fast!



Thank you @hbouk for sharing this!!

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Hi @hbouk
Very much appreciated that you shared that with everyone! thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Matias. I wanted to create a query that could loop until the cursor returns as null but Power BI queries don’t support loops. I might look at redoing this in Python so that I can retrieve any number of pages. It will depend on when I have time to get back to this.