Webhook vs activity logs

We could see Webhooks and Activity logs available to get Updates (for example to get Newly created/updated Boards, Groups, Items) at Monday.com instance.

We could see using both Webhooks and Activity logs we get updates (Created/modified) data. With initial analysis we could see Activity logs provide updates for more events/actions performed on Monday.com.

Kindly help us know what is recommended between Webhooks or Activity logs to get the updates.

Also help us know where could we find sample response data and a playbook for Webhooks, if there is any, to try out the webhooks.

Hello @Yash and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

What is the use case here?

Are you trying to get the update of an item to reach your server when it is created?

Do you want to query for all the updates of a specific item at once?

Do you want to query for all the updates of all your items at once?

If you elaborate on the use case, we can try to think of the best solution.