Way to save item's activity log when moving item to board

Is there a way to save the activity log of an item so that I don’t lose all that history when I move the item to another board (or change it to a subitem)? I know I can export it to excel, but is there some way to keep it with the item?

I’m trying to make an archive board where items from a set of boards get saved once they’re completed. It needs to be accessible and searchable, and I’m adding the board name and group name as columns (with Make.com) when the item gets moved. Problem is that I really need to have the activity log there for viewing also.

Do I have any options? I’m already looking into making my own view for the page, so not afraid of some coding.


You can access the activity log directly using the monday API.

In Make, use the monday module “Execute a GraphQL Query” to make the call. Your query would look something like this:

{ boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    activity_logs(item_ids: 2345678901) {

You would then need to parse and format the data then save it to a text column or update.

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